Date of Enforcement: 02/02/2021

Kolektif Etki Derneği (“imece”) is committed to respecting the right to inform its visitors about the terms of use of summit.imece.com (“Website” or “Site”) and the privacy of its visitors together with their personal data at the Website visit. This terms of use is meant to explain to all visitor who access and use the services provided by the Website, the terms of use of the Website and the privacy policy applied for the data collected and processed by imece as per Law No: 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“Law No:6698”). The visitors who access our Website shall be deemed approved the below conditions set forth hereunder.

imece is the owner of both the Website and all information, visual, material, document, design, etc. (“Website Content”) displayed on the Website. imece may freely determine, update, revise, change or abolish the content displayed on the Website by oneself.
The Visitor may view the content and the Website for personal use and for the purpose of gathering information. All accesses and actions beyond such personal use and acquisition of knowledge shall be deemed unlawful. The Visitor, shall hereby accept and declare to act within the boundaries of the current laws and legislation of Republic of Turkey and not to infringe 3rd party’s legal rights. All visitors shall accept and declare that the judiciary, administrative and criminal liabilities of all transactions and actions that they conduct during their visit of the Website and make use of its content shall fully and exclusively belong to them and further explicitly accepts that imece shall not be liable of any unlawful acts of its visitors against third parties and that in such case shall be liable to indemnify imece’s loss occurred or to be occured by lawful acts.

All writings, information, interpretation, opinion, news, content, visual,photo, video, image, design, picture, trademark,logo, figure, graphic, illustration and Website database including the design of the Website are a production, by means of law, work (“Work”) and belongs to imece and/or any other third parties. The Work(s) are all by the legislation on protection of intellectual and industrial rights. The visitors only have the right to use the Website and shall not provide any right or entitlement on intellectual and industrial property rights of the Works(s). Without imece’s and the Work/artist/producer/design owner/ trademark owner/patent owner explicit consent, the visitors shall not copy, reproduce, translate, download, upload, use without making a reference, process, adapt, spread, publish, declare to public, represent and make any other kind of use of any of the Work(s) and/or any property of them, shall not make use exceeding ordinary legitimate use and exploitation, and/or shall not subject to unfair competition. The Visitor shall not interfere into, revoke, change, reverse engineer the Website Content and the numbers and/or codes that represent the content. In the event of any infringement in intellectual and industrial rights of the visitors, this shall mean both infringement of the rights of imece and the other third party Work owners/artists/producers/designers and imece and shall bear judiciary and criminal liabilities towards the Work owners/ right holders.,

The visitor may visit the Website without providing any personal data, however in some cases such as when they would like to conduct direct correspondence with imece or when subscribing to the newsletter, or in the event of registration to the summit, your personal information will be collected and stored within the boundaries of the legislation. The detailed explanation on how the personal data of our visitors are collected, stored and used when the visitors contact with imece or register to newsletter, is provided under this Privacy Notice and when registered to the summit is provided under this Privacy Notice

The visitors shall solely be liable from the consequences of the content use and decisions taken upon the content of the Website and accept, declare and undertake not to attribute imece any responsibility under no circumstances. The visitors accept and declare not to use any information, software etc. which will include viruses that may inhibit, slow down, make difficult the general accessibility of the Website and are obliged to avoid any direct and indirect interference towards the Website.

The visitors shall hereby accept and undertake that there may be some links to other websites or some content displayed on different websites, and that the control, accuracy or sufficiency of such content is not under control ve liability of imece and that imece shall not guarantee the security an/or validity of the information provided in such websites and that does not have any commitment and responsibility arising from the products, services and privacy policy of such websites.

The visitors shall accept and declare that imece shall freely make any kind of decision on the Website such as interrupting, slowing down, disrupting its accessibility etc. Therefore,the visitors hereby accept and declare that in such cases they shall not indemnify any of their damages or loss from imece.

The visitors shall accept that imece, imece’s employees, employers, authorized parties have no liabilities if the brand imece or the Website Content comprised of Work displayed in another Website or if the information gathered from the uploads of the third parties and visitor uploads used or if any content which is to gathered within the boundaries of general internet regulations are used. Visitors further accept and declare that imece and their project partners and all the employees of these companies shall not be liable to bear to indemnify any loss or damage arising by reason of unawareness (not reading) of this terms of use or infringing despite reading it.

In the event the visitors infringe this terms of use for in any way and act against operation of the Website, cause unproportional burden to the Website, infringes or acts as in danger of infringing the rights of the third parties, the visitors’ use of the Website can be permanently or temporarily detained. In such case, the visitor agrees beforehand that they shall not demand to indemnify any loss and/or damage.

The visitors shall explicitly accept and declare that they will act in good faith in all their actions and obey the Terms of Use and the relevant legal regulations, on the contrary they shall solely bear the judiciary, administrative and criminal liabilities of their unlawful acts.

In case of any disputes arising from the terms of use, Turkish Law shall be applicable and İstanbul Çağlayan Courts and Execution Offices shall be entitled. Furthermore, the parties hereby accept, declare and undertake that all content of the Website and all electronic environment, digital data of imece shall be deemed material evidence for the dispute as per Article 193 of the Turkşsh Code of Civil Procedure.


Effective Date 02/02/2021

As the Kolektif Etki Derneği (“imece”), we use cookies, pixels, GIFs (“cookies”) in our websites “summit.imece.com” and “imece.com” (“Site”) and in our online or offline channels (“Platform”) to improve your experience during your use or visit.

We are using these technologies in accordance with the legislation we are subject to, especially the lW No: 6698 on Personal Data Protection Law.

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform you about how we are collecting and processing the personal information through Cookies during the visit and use of Sites and the Platform. We further explain which types of cookies we use, what is our purpose to use the Cookies and how you can control them.

As imece, we may stop using the Cookies we are in use, change their types or functions, or add new Cookies to our Site and Platform. Therefore, we keep our rights reserved to change this Cookie Policy at any time. Any changes made on the current Cookie Policy will become effective when published on the Site/Platform or any public medium. You can find the last updated date at the beginning of the text.

a. How do we process your personal information? What is the legal basis for processing your personal information?

Your personal information will be collected by visit and use of the Site and Platform through Cookies as per Article 5 Processing of data is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the data controller. Your collected personal information can also be processed for the purposes specified in this Cookie Policy within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.

b. Do We Share Your Personal Information?

As imece, we may share your personal data within the scope of this Cookie Policy to our suppliers, legally authorized public institutions and private persons, limited to the achievement of the following purposes and in accordance with the legislation.

c. What are the Purposes of the Use of Cookies?

As imece, we use Cookies for various purposes on our Site and Platform and process your personal information through these Cookies. These purposes are mainly:

To perform the basic functions required for the operation of the Site and Platform. ie. to help logged in members not need to enter their password again while visiting different pages on the Site.
To analyze, to increase the performance of the Site and the Platform. i.e, to integrate the different servers which Site works, to determine the number of visitors to the Site and adjust the performance accordingly, or make it easier for the visitors to find what they are looking for.
To increase the functionality of the Site and Platform and to provide ease of use. i.e sharing third party social media channels on the Site, remembering the user name information or search queries on the next visit of the visitor to the Site.

d. Which Cookies Do We Use?

Below you can find the different types of cookies we use on our Site. Both first-party cookies (placed by the site you are visiting) and third-party cookies (placed by servers other than the site you visit) are used on our site.

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