Communities for impact

A new area of exploration: ATÖLYE Academy

ATÖLYE Academy equips individuals and teams with the necessary skills and capabilities in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design. You can read the story of ATÖLYE Academy in this article.

ATÖLYE Insights

ATÖLYE is a community-powered creative services organization that places an Academy and a Strategic Design Studio within a vibrant Creative Hub. You can learn about their learnings and observations from their Medium page. Check out ATOLYE Insights on Medium.

IMPACT: A Design Perspective - IDEO

There’s no standard roadmap for how a mission-driven design organization like tracks and understands its impact on the world. So, true to form, we’re designing one. Here’s what IDEO has learned so far, you can find it here.

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Jocelyn Wyatt and Tim Brown describe how by working closely with the clients and consumers, design thinking allows high-impact solutions to social problems to bubble up from below rather than being imposed from the top. Check out Design Thinking for Social Innovation article published in Stanford Social Innovation Review.

IDEO's Tools for Design

Want to learn how to solve problems like a designer? IDEO has developed a suite of tools that can help you and your teams unlock your creative problem-solving potential.

Finance for impact

Impact Ecosystem in Turkey: An Insight Report

This insight report aims to elaborate the term ‘impact’ and to explore the landscape
of the impact ecosystem in Turkey. The study analyzes the recent literature and the
field research consisting of in-depth interviews with 14 individuals from corporations,
civil society organizations, public sector institutions and social innovators.

COVID-19 and Sustainability

The Bank of the West published a piece on John Elkington’s thinking about COVID-19 and sustainability. In this piece, Elkington outlines how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed long-ignored vulnerabilities and our willingness to overlook the climate crisis.

Recovery or Renewal? Time for an economic rethink | Blog with Craig D Rye

This blog post by Tim Jackson and Craig D. Rye outlines the findings of a recent study of long-term fluctuations in economic growth published in Nature Scientific Reports. It’s an exploration of danger and opportunity in the emerging debate about post Covid-19 economic recovery. You can read the blog post here.

Building and Fostering an Enabling Environment to Buy Social in Turkey

You can access Merve Kavas’s notes about the buy social field and the session in her Medium article. (This content is in Turkish)

The Legal Status of Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey: Needs and Recommendations Report

The Legal Status of Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey: Needs and Recommendations Report is a law research published by TSGA. This report aims to determine whether there are any obstacles for the institutional structures needed for the growth of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey and if such obstacles exist, this research is created to determine the improvements to be made to overcome them. The report is in Turkish.

S360 Degrowth

S360’s series, Degrowth, criticizes the growth-oriented socio-economic order and offers suggestions for the transition to a new order in the center of equality and discusses the Degrowth movement. What does growth and development mean? What are the consequences of current growth paradigms? In this short series, S360 is making the Degrowth movement to find answers to these questions. (This content is Turkish)

John Elkington's Books

Here are some suggestions from John Elkington’s books: “Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism” & “The Breakthrough Challenge: 10 Ways to Connect Today’s Profits With Tomorrow’s Bottom Line”. Click here to access Elkington’s complete book list.

Business for impact

RESET: Stakeholder Capitalism

Imperative 21 is driving a RESET from shareholder primacy to stakeholder capitalism, which creates shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. RESET is a long-term campaign by Imperative 21 to raise awareness around the necessity of, and opportunity for, economic system change. Imperative 21’s CEO Jay Coen Gilbert will be giving a keynote on the power of collaborative action to reset the role and financing of business for an equitable, inclusive future.

B Corp Movement Action Steps

Check out what B Corporation recommends for leaders of large and/or public companies who are ready to take action. Here you can learn how to convert your company and what steps to take.

SDG Action Manager

SDG Action Manager is an impact management solution that enables businesses worldwide to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated on their actions toward the SDGs. The SDG Action Manager was developed by B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact. Learn more about the SDG Action Manager to manage your SDG contribution.

The B Impact Assessment & B Corp Certification

The B Impact Assessment is a free tool to measure and manage your social and environmental impact. Companies can use this credible tool to measure their impact on their workers, community, environment, and customers. You can find detailed information about the B Corp certification here. Even if you are not a certified B Corp, you can see your impact by making the assessment for your company, and you can use this tool as an impact measurement tool.

Reflect Studio’s 2020 Impact Report

A B Corp based in Turkey, Reflect Studio’s 2020 Impact report reviews what Reflect Studio wants to improve in 2021 while evaluating the prominent developments achieved and challenges faced in 2020 according to their 5P impact areas.

B Corp Companies in Turkey

Here are the B Corp companies in Turkey: Reflect Studio, Taze Kuru, S360 and Mikado. You can find all B Corp companies on that list.

Net Zero Climate

Race To Zero is a global campaign by Net Zero Climate to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth.

The Climate Justice Playbook for Business

This practical guide includes information to help business leaders understand the intersection of climate action and social justice and advance a justice-centered approach to climate action.

Ferrer Sustainability Report

To learn more about Ferrer’s approach to sustainability, you can check out the Ferrer Sustainability report in 2019. You can also watch the testimonial videos of Ferrer employees contributing to society here.


Treedom is the only online platform in the world where you can have someone plant a tree for you and then follow it online. Discover Treedom impact so far!

Leadership for impact

BMW Foundation
Change Focus to Change: 50 Years of Inspiring Responsible Leadership

The book showcases BMW Foundation’s impact as a global leadership organization. It highlights the achievements of our Responsible Leaders Network in advancing the UN 2030 Agenda.

The New Network Leader: Nonprofit Networks

These resources have been collected and curated by a community of practitioners and nonprofit network supporters working to increase the impact of social sector leaders and organizations by promoting the principles of successful networks.

Stories About Responsible Leaders

TwentyThirty, prepared by BMW Foundation, is an online magazine featuring stories about Responsible Leaders fighting for a just, peaceful, and sustainable future in line with the UN 2030 Agenda.

Organizations for impact

SIX Wayfinder

Shaping social innovation in urgent times. SIX Wayfinder devised a metaphorical symphony – four movements that will help us grasp meaning and shape action in urgent times.

Social Innovation Ecosystem in Turkey

This report, prepared by S360 and examined by Itır Erhart, is a research on the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey. It documents the landscape of social innovation by listening to the key actors in Turkey and exploring the perspectives on, approaches to and the future direction of the social innovation field.

Presencing Institute Hubs

Check out the Presencing Institute to find a Hub to match your interest/location. Hubs are self-organized topic- or place-based groups which meet online or in person (where possible) to connect around a shared context and practice social methodologies together, towards reinventing systems and societies.

Edx Course - u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future

Check out Otto Scharmer’s online free course on edx “u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future”. This course is an introduction to the method called Theory U, developed at MIT, for leading such change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide.

Theory U ToolBook

Check out Scharmer’s free ToolBook based on Theory U. From Prototyping to Guided Journaling, you can find many unique tools to improve yourself.

Rediscovering Social Innovation

“Rediscovering Social Innovation” article is part of Stanford Social Innovation Review’s starter kit for leaders of change beginning to explore social innovation. This article is written by James A. Phills Jr., Kriss Deiglmeier, and Dale T. Miller.

SIX Wayfinder: Futures of Cities

SIX brought together Javier Guillot and Jayne Engle to reflect and have conversation on how we can shape different possible futures for cities and what is the role of citizens in them. You can watch the open duet and check out the key takeaways from the conversation.

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